Welcome! Pull a book from the shelf

Welcome! As you might be able to tell from the 26 books above, I've been building this site for a long time. It's been cobbled together piece by piece since I first learned html in 1995(!). Originally it just had a few photos of my friends as well as art and books I liked. But I just kept adding more and more stuff, and now it's got everything from over 100 book reviews, to New York celebrity sightings, to my UX takedowns of products.

Who is Jesse Richards? I've been a New Yorker since 2003, and I love the city's architecture, bookstores, and photo opportunities. I'm also a husband and a dad, an artist and an author. In my business life, I'm a Product executive who's led Product teams at 4 startups and done similar at several more. I love tackling companies' big-picture strategies and solving thorny problems. But I also enjoy all parts of the software lifecycle - from ideas to designing to testing to user research - and watching apps and sites come to life. You can see my resume here, my portfolio of case studies, and here's my LinkedIn.

Browsing the site will also give you some insight into how I became interested in the topic of my 2010 nonfiction book, The Secret Peace: Exposing the Positive Trend of World Events. It incorporates my interest in history, critical thinking, and nonviolence. You can read parts of the book for free on Amazon. You can also follow me on Twitter, Goodreads, and Quora.

Hope you enjoy the site!
Jesse Richards